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What is safer storage?

Safer storage is using at least one layer of protection to keep potentially harmful substances away from children or vulnerable populations.  

For example, putting cleaning supplies in a locked cabinet or out of reach of children is safer storage.  It is important to remember some substances that are legal for adults can be unsafe for children. Using lock boxes and lock bags are an easy way to lock up small items. 

What items should be safely stored?

Items that are potentially dangerous to children or people who may not understand the risk should be stored out of reach.

​Items include:

Cleaning supplies, including sanitizing wipes or cleaning towels that have not been washed

All tobacco products including medications to help you quit smoking

Cannabis products

Alcohol, including alcohol used for cooking

Vapes, e-cigarettes or other devices used for smoking

Knives, scissors, razor blades and box cutters

Firearms and bullets 

Ways to practice safer storage

Use child resistant containers for all medications when possible.

Use child resistant containers for cleaning supplies when possible.

Keep cleaning supplies in a high cabinet or use a lock.

Do not leave medication out between doses. Always put medication away. 

Lock up substances such as tobacco, alcohol or cannabis so children cannot access them.

Put cleaning supplies away once you are done using it.